Trios & Tripartites: Magic of 3

In numerology the number 3 is said to lend to excellent communicative, social & expressive attributes (think House 3 on the astrological chart wheel). 3 happens to be my “challenge number, where the choice is to use/be used by playful 3 energy. Or how about both, incorporating a midway zygos (balance)? I use 3 as a numerical parameter to contain my creative process chaos: I think in 3’s — see my first trio of collage-poems below; each collage-poem color (backdrop) informed its image/word content. When working on a set of poems, I choose the tripartite series: maybe 3 short lyric poems or 3 sections of a longer poem. 3 magic in necklaces? Currently I’m harnessing 3 in my fall necklace series: 3 jade fish (below), 3 sea stone & 3 sea glass — all forthcoming at Etsy | ZygosDesign.


Red collage-poem 1, 2009, 8.5 x 6 (discursive text backdrop taken from grad school notebooks/poem drafts, & cut-ups from Omni magazine).

Green collage-poem 2, 2009, 8.5 x 6 (text from grad school notebooks/poems, images from Omni magazine, Monterrey driftwood/moth are original images)

Blue collage-poem 3, 2009, 8.5 x 6 (text from grad school notebooks/poems, morning dove & jellyfish are original images, other images from Astronomy magazine). This collage-poem is featured in my tripartite logo collage (WORDS | BEADS | FLORA) for nicholasleaskou.com.


3 jade fish necklaces — the “Pisces series” — w/ ceramic, glass, turquoise beads on leather & chain, 2019 – available soon at Etsy | ZygosDesign.

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