Welcome! & thanks for visiting my site, where you’ll meet my engagement with poetry, collage-poems, jewelry, & container-terrarium gardens.

Nicholas Leaskou is a poet-jeweler-gardener from San Francisco. His poems/reviews have appeared in Dusie, Vallum, Switchback, Midway, Boog City, 14 Hills: The SFSU Review, Jacket2, and Tarpaulin Sky. He is the author of Heliotropes (Ypolita Press, 2017). After receiving his MFA from the University of San Francisco in 2009, he co-produced/hosted Poet as Radio, an online poetry show airing live weekly at SF Community Radio (KXSF) from 2011-2014. From 2012-2015, with local writer Julie Gesin, he co-founded Urban Pastoral Gardens, an edible container-garden company. His necklace compositions can be found at ZygosDesign.

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