ZygosDesign, my Etsy shop, features handcrafted (leather/chain/wire/bead) necklaces w/ found object pendants: sea glass, sea stone, semi-precious stone, coins & other findings.

This trio of “Pisces” jade necklaces are available @ ZygosDesign: brass, silver, & copper washers w/ twin fish pendants; ceramic, turquoise, clay, & glass beads on leather or chain.

The first of my sea glass necklace series shipped to Tilbury (England) in 2014.

Collected at Tennessee Cove Beach, Mill Valley, CA, this sea glass necklace to the left is knotted on leather cord w/ painted bead & Peruvian silver spacer. Below, the defined point of this sea stone informed its sterling silver wire pendant.

Bird or eye in that spiral? This one-of-a-kind handcrafted sterling pendant & Marin sea stone (also collected at Tennessee Cove Beach), meet w/ hematite, black Czech glass & sterling beads. Available at Etsy | ZygosDesign.

Painted sea stone necklace w/ the Amphora that started it all. Available at Etsy | ZygosDesign.

This sea stone was collected at Paradise Beach in Tiburon, CA (2000). Knotted on leather w/ Venetian blue glass & sterling silver spacers, its silver geometric “S” flashbacks to Greek pottery, 900 BC.

The sea stone spiral series: w/ Roman coin copy, sterling silver spirals, wood & brass beads.
A variety of leather & chain necklaces are available to purchase at Etsy | ZygosDesign.

Bone necklace series w/ vintage Indian carved & dyed (top right) beads w/ brass/copper/wood washers. All sold at Etsy | ZygosDesign.

The millefiori, “thousand flowers,” Venetian trade bead series on leather cord w/ slipknots. From my 20 yr + collection, these colorful glass beads have been around the world, or at least half-way. The second necklace on the right, “Alejandro’s All-Green,” was named after the customer who requested it. Alejandro collaborated w/ me in choosing the green bead color combo w/ brass washers. He said it reminded him of Van Gogh’s Starry Night

From the “painted black” series this leather slipknot necklace features wood, ceramic & metal beads. Sometimes keeping it simple is best. More like it on the way.
This brass chain necklace features turquoise/brass beads & an Athenian coin copy w/ Athena’s wise owl as pendant. Sold on Etsy.

“Clapper” necklace on leather w/ brass/copper spacer beads. This one-of-a-kind piece features the upcycled metal clapper from a vintage 1950’s Christmas ornament; sold on Etsy in 2013. Another one like it is now available at Etsy | ZygosDesign.
Featuring a green (sandstone) vintage trade bead & knotted on leather w/ recycled glass/brass/sterling spacer beads, this adjustable sold in 2015. More like it at Etsy | ZygosDesign.
Carnelian agate, vintage orange white heart, & copper spacers on copper chain.


I was invited to join Raw Artists, via my Etsy shop, to showcase my jewelry for their 2013 En Masse event at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco — an old club haunt from the ’80’s! A fun show, my Raw Artists interview for En Masse can be found here.

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